DEGEREMCIA is a food operator that is dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of prepared food. It operates mainly through its own chain of fast-food stores; its main brands include Naturissimo and Soldia. Today the company has established itself as the leading producer of cheese bread in Ecuador.


Create high quality food products, all natural with an excellent nutritional value. Always producing responsibly within the environment, and committed with the creation of jobs and promoting national agro-businesses.


To consolidate and expand as a company nationally and internationally. Ensuring top quality products, always giving the best benefits to our clients and providers.


Degeremcia has a production facility in Via Daule, where different food products are manufactured under the highest levels of quality and hygiene.

It also operates under cold and freezing temperatures in their production, storage and distribution, to ensure the highest quality of their products.

On November 2013 the factory obtained the operation certificate under the basis of use by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for processing plants, which is issued by the National Agency of Regulation and Health Control (Arcsa).